wilmington marine service staff


In late 2016, Wilmington Marine Center, celebrating 30 years as a quality marina on the Cape Fear River, announced the creation of a marine service division expanding the marina services offered at 3410 River Road.  The commitment to provide quality marine service under their name begins with leadership from Hank Hinckley. Hank’s knowledge and reputation in the industry is well known and one you can trust.

Hank Hinkley – Manager

Hank was born to boats and has never been able to get it out of his system. Hank is the youngest son of the founder of the Henry R. Hinckley Company founded in 1928. He left the Hinckley Company in 1978 with the imminent sale of the company to start Ocean Cruising Yachts and later Hank Hinckley Boat Builders. His family name, and his experience in boat building and maintenance, is synonymous with one word; quality.

You can ask Hank anything about boats and you’ll probably be given the answer in no time.  You can find him any day at the marina service yard, working and overseeing many projects.



Janie Bacon – Administrative Manager

Janie joined Wilmington Marine Center to help coordinate the service activities, invoicing and schedules.  Her spirited personality and relaxed manner compliments the busy service yard.

In her spare time she loves to browse the shops and spend time with daughter, Anna.   She also has a decorating knack!